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A natural and simple way of improving your health, magnetic therapy is now one of the most popular alternative medicines practiced around the world.

What effects do magnets have?

Magnetic therapy has established itself as a very effective alternative to drug treatment for the relief of pain and discomfort associated with many ailments, including: stress, arthritis and rheumatism, headaches, muscle strain,  and period pain.

How do magnets work?

Research has shown that magnetism can make capillary walls relax and blood vessels widen, allowing more blood to pass through and thereby increase blood circulation. This allows the body to get rid of toxins more quickly and so speed up the natural healing process. As a result, not only is discomfort reduced, but recovery time is increased.


Frequently asked questions


Q: Is it safe?

A: Absolutely. Magnetic therapy is non-harmful and non-invasive

Q: Does it work?

A: Hundreds of people globally use magnetic therapy to relieve pain, with great results. Magnetic products are used by doctors, vets, and physiotherapists.

Q: What is gauss?

A: Gauss is a unit of measure, that indicates the strength of a magnetic field. The greater the gauss, the greater the field extended from a magnet’s surface.

Q: When will I feel an effect?

A: Some people feel an effect within hours. The majority feel relief within 2-3 weeks, and a much smaller number within 2-4 months.

Q: How long will the magnets last?

A: The magnetic properties of a magnet will last a lifetime, unless it is demagnetised or placed next to a very high electromagnetic force.

Q: Can anyone use magnetic therapy?

A: Magnetic therapy is completely safe, but should not be use by pregnant women and people using pacemakers.

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